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Santa Fe Gay Realtor | June 24, 2018

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Upcoming Events!

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Philip & Kevin | Santa Fe's Favorite House Hunters
Santa Fe Gay Realtor at Bell Tower Keller Williams
Philip & Kevin and should be your first and last stop for all your Gay Santa Fe Needs. Practical experience to successfully negotiate a sell or purchase.

Hands on experience with technology that is increasingly crucial when buying or selling. Having a member of the community there to support you is priceless!

Treating You Like Family - Our Family! Bell Tower Keller Williams | Santa Fe Gay Realtor | Santa Fe's Favorite House Hunters


  1. Very happy and excited to know that i haven’t missed the rodeo this year here in Santa Fe N.M.Just watched the movie on Netflix,former resident of Texas{former Texan five generations}Now a resident of N.M.

  2. Would like to volunteer if i could be of service

  3. New Mexico History Museum

    I would like to submit this event to your calendar for the Gay Pride weekend in September. If you need any additional information feel free to contact me:

    Could I submit the below event for your calendar of events during the 2017 Gay Pride weekend.

    History Museum’s Photo Legacy Project Catalogs
    Santa Fean’s Experience of Vietnam War

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 26, 2017 (Santa Fe, NM)— On Saturday, September 16 at 3:00 Gregory Hinton will present a talk titled Letters Home from the Vietnam War:
    Herbert Lotz in conversation with Gregory Hinton presented in conjunction with the Herbert Lotz photography exhibit Sleeping During the Day: Vietnam 1968 and in honor of Santa Fe Gay Pride weekend.
    The evocative photographs Herbert Lotz exhibits in Sleeping During the Day offer a rare glimpse into the perspective of a gay soldier when homosexuals were forbidden to serve openly in the United States armed forces.  Also on display are personal letters home from the war, which Lotz made available to historian Gregory Hinton in the planning stages of this exhibition. Following an overview of LGBTQ military service from Vietnam to present day, Hinton will read excerpts from selected letters in conversation with Herb Lotz.  Hinton is a writer, filmmaker, and producer of Out West, a national museum program series dedicated to shining a light on LGBTQ history and culture in the American West.

  4. Boc

    Any FOD for December 2017?


    Seeing yourself reflected in Nature
    Lesbian, Outsider Art Photographer, j. Madison Rink

    In the extraordinary photographic collection of found “nature sculpted” rock images on display now at the Night Sky Gallery in Santa Fe, NM you will find many stunning multicultural representations including and among other cultures – the image of a Sikh in a white robe and turban reaching through rock. This beautiful volcanic rock image which lesbian Outsider Photographer, j. Madison Rink considers a convergence of religious and cultural symbology is entitled “Between Worlds.” This is must see multicultural collection that draws on the “Beginnings of Art” from 3 million years ago according to Australian “cognitive anthropologist, Robert Bednarik.

    You will also find a multicultural representation of the image of the Vagina. For over 20,000 years the image of the Vagina was iconic and considered Sacred and Public Art. There has never been a better time to claim this history again according to Outsider Photographer, j. Madison Rink whose work can be found in many prestigious archives such as YALE, Beinecke library, Smithsonian, Women’s Museum D.C., GETTY Museum, Los Angeles, The Arthur and Elizabeth Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America at Radcliffe for Advanced Study, Harvard University.

    An all inclusive “nature sculpted” collection, the image of a male penis is also reflected as history suggests that penises were missing during the entire the Upper Palaeolithic art scene – this has “generated a lot of debate.” 

    You still have until December 31st to visit the gallery and see this extraordinary collection of work at 826 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM. Regular hours from 11am – 6:00 pm, Closed Mondays. Phone: 505-577-0301. 


    National Geographic, Four Corners Region


  6. Michelle Hicks

    Hello I am a vendor looking to have a booth for Gay Pride 2018! My name is Michelle Hicks and my company is Rainbow Snow Shaved Ice. I’m looking for the vendor application for 2018 but cant seem to find it. If you could please get back to me I would really appreciate it.

    Thank You – Michelle Hicks

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