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Santa Fe Gay Realtor | July 17, 2018

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6:00pm onwards


Join Us For A Meet and Greet

198 State Road 592

(2 Miles from Tesuque North of Santa Fe)

  I am going to shake it up a bit this time and get everyone to wear funky name tags…..I have had a lot of complaints that nobody mixes or mingles  and everybody stays in their own comfort zone….So come on everybody meet, mix and make NEW friends. If you don’t get it right this time next time I’ll make you play games!!!

Plenty of parking, complimentary appetizers and views to die for. Hopefully there will be a beautiful sunset!!

Look forward to seeing you there and please pass the email on to anyone you think would be interested in joining us.

Ian (Friend of Dorothy)

Philip & Kevin | Santa Fe's Favorite House Hunters
Santa Fe Gay Realtor at Bell Tower Keller Williams
Philip & Kevin and should be your first and last stop for all your Gay Santa Fe Needs. Practical experience to successfully negotiate a sell or purchase.

Hands on experience with technology that is increasingly crucial when buying or selling. Having a member of the community there to support you is priceless!

Treating You Like Family - Our Family! Bell Tower Keller Williams | Santa Fe Gay Realtor | Santa Fe's Favorite House Hunters


  1. Barb Alexander

    Hi, we have a male friend who asked us to join him on May 7 for a “Friends of Dorothy”
    mixer.  Another (lesbian) friend said it was mostly guys and women were not welcome.
    If that is true please let us know so that we will not feel out of place.
    Thanks so much

    • Hello Barb! It is true that it is mostly men but there is always a small group of women who attend. Last month I brought 3 women friends with me and they had a ball and enjoyed meeting everyone. So, yes you and women are welcome.  See you then. Cheers!

  2. Hello,

    I was hoping to get a schedule for the Friends of Dorothy event as well as the potlucks.

  3. I would be interested in attending your August 2012 meeting. Where and when will it be.
    Randall Hayden

  4. Camille

    I am hoping to attend the meeting with my partner in September….could someone tell me the date? And now there will be 2 more women coming !

    • Hello Camille, thanks for your interest. The location is generally not announced until a week or two before the event. I have added your email to the list to received announcements when they become available. I suspect it will either be Friday, September18th or 25th. Stay tuned!

  5. Ricardo Fuentes ORELLANA

    I would like to know when & where is the next meeting.
    How can I get im mailing list?

    • The next Friends of Dorothy event is scheduled for the day after Thanksgiving, Friday September 27 aT 6PM at the Eldorado Hotel. I have added your email to the list to receive future announcements. Also, check back at this site for information on these events and others.


      27th November


      The Eldorado Hotel & Spa

      Come and enjoy our 5th Annual day after Thanksgiving Dorothy event!

      Bring your family members,mothers,fathers,brothers,sisters as well as friends and out of town guests for cocktails and complimentary appetizers

  6. Tim

    How about a date for the next gathering ???

    • The next gathering date and location have not been announced as of yet. I happy to add you to the email list to receive updates when they are announced. Cheers!

  7. Lynn

    Could you add me to the list to find out about the Dorothy events each month?

  8. Renato

    Hi is there a way I could be involved? thanks – Renato

  9. I’d like to be added to your Event updates. Thanks

  10. Robert Cole

    Hi. I’m in the process of moving to Santa Fe. And I know no one. Would you please add me to the list?

  11. Lynn

    When/where is the Dorothy for May?



      27th May, 2016


      La Terraza
      La Fonda Hotel

      Start the Memorial Day Weekend on their lush outdoor patio overlooking St Francis Cathedral.

      (Entrance is Cathedral end of Hotel towards the garage )

      What’s old is new again at La Fonda
      Make sure on your way up to La Terrazzo you check out the NEW La Fiesta Lounge and Lobby.
      It looks amazing!

  12. Frederick Pontzloff

    What day is this?

  13. Louis Newman

    Dear Ian,

    I so appreciate that you are encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone.

    Unfortunately, encouraging people to do so by itself tends not to work.  Most people are a bit shy.  Single people don’t want to appear on the prowl. etc. 

    Suggestions: Have a few people (greeters) at the front door to introduce themselves.  The “greeters” can find out if the attendee is new to town, etc.  The greeters can even make a few introductions.

    Have people break into groups at some point (for social games or whatever) These events should be used as opportunities for people to introduce themselves.

    I was just at a dinner party where the hostess had us break into groups for dessert.  The hostess went around each circle and had everyone tell a little about themselves…. very successful.

    This is all by way of not criticizing these wonderful events but an honest effort on my part to be of help and to make it more rewarding for everyone.

    Yours truly,
    Louis Newman

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